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In a society where people and their opinions mean everything, we have made FLAToken.

It’s not just a simple crowdfunding ERC20 token. FLAT itself is a decentralized opinion platform, where users can share thoughts and ideas with others.

In a decentralized context, every single thought shared has its own value, small or large it doesn’t matter, but it’s worth! The more people interact with your post, the more your thought will have value.

Read our WhitePaper to learn more.

How to Buy?

We've tried to simplify token purchase as simple as possible, for this reason at moment website fully works on Desktop/Computer, mobile version cannot run all features because lack of some Ethereum browser extensions. On the understanding that you can always buy your FLTs through the official Smart Contract, we advise the following steps.

Setp 1: Since FLAT is an ERC20 Token on the Etheruem Blockchain (Info), to interact with FLAT d-app you'll need an Etherum browser. So, the first step is to install an extension, we advise MetaMask. Follow the very intuitive steps to get your Ethereum Wallet.

Step 1

Step 2: Because FLTs can be bought only in Ethereum you need to buy some coins first and then transfer to your new MetaMask wallet. You can choose whatever you want to do this step, MetaMask offer its own Deposit method or you can use another well-known and reliable Exchanges (i.e. Coinbase or Binance) then transfer coins to MetaMask wallet.

Step 2

Step 3: Once you have your ETHs in your MetaMask wallet you can access to FLAToken MyWallet Dashboard by clicking on MyWallet button.

Step 3

Step 4: Here we are! You can finally buy FLAToken! Choose how many ETH you would convert and click Buy button. Be aware, do not convert all your ETH in FLT, keep 3/4$ in your wallet to pay Ethereum GAS transactions!

Step 4

Step 5: Go to Topics sections on this site and start using your brand new FLATokens ❤️

Step 5

Initial Coin Offering

Our ICO is composed by 5 milestones: Starter Cap, Soft Cap, Half Revolution, Hard Cap and Bonus.

Starter Cap With this goal we will keep the community online and always updated, we are not so much, but enough to keep FLAT alive.

Soft Cap This is the minimum to start developing something serious, we have a solid community and new features will arrive on the platform, with a more interaction between users.

Half Revolution Half tokens sold, yes, we are small compared to other social media, but this is already a revolution! Text will not be the unique form of expression; many other amazing features will be developed to help people express their own opinions.

Hard Cap This is our Hard Cap. It’s the most important goal to reach, not just for features and project improvements, but for the essence of the project itself.

Bonus It’s a bonus step, anything here could be an amazing surprise! 😲

We are working hard to make FLAToken real!
  • Starter Cap
  • Soft Cap
  • Half Revolution
  • Hard Cap
  • Bonus
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9.59% sold
7,194,570 FLT Sold!

FLAToken - The Real Cryptocurrency 🌍

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